Taurus Daily Horoscope for June 24

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Taurus will have all the reasons in the Magic Horoscope to rejoice: Mars, the planet of desire, will influence your love life, fulfilling your sensual and sexual appetites.

You’ll want to experiment with new things, reawaken the passion that was dormant, and, if you’re in a relationship, you’ll do all you can to seduce your partner, especially if your passion has fizzled off a bit.

If you feel lonely, your magnetism will bring you an encounter which promises hours of heat.

Plus, it’ll be the perfect day to formalize any budding relationships, or to tell your family about news related to your matters of the heart: that break up you still haven’t told them about, to introduce your new partner, or to explain to them that you’re in a poliamorous relationship, among others.

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It will be a complicated day in terms of money, especially if you’re a somewhat influential person. This time, it won’t be about taking simple initiatives but rather, about changing your career completely.

The stars indicate you should expect a radical change of direction in your field, which will be successful.

However, for those who have to follow orders and have a rather repetitive job, all will go swimmingly.

You could juggle a bit your domestic finances to save up a bit more; especially when you do your weekly shop. Sticking to your list will prevent you from buying unnecessary items!


Your spiritual gifts are very developed, and you want to find a technique to clean your subconscious, but doing it by yourself, without following a spiritual guide, and without joining any kind of groups.

Perhaps the best choice for you is Ho’oponopono, the magical words that could balance your life, and which reflect a philosophy which says we should let things improve and rectify out the error.

If you’ve recently had issues in your family, you’ll finally feel a big weight has been lifted off your shoulders, and this will be reflected in your mental wellbeing. Also, dialogue with your family will come easier, and you’ll be able to find common ground to expand on gracefully.