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Venus and Mars have become the protectors of your sign: together they will make Taurus shine in the realm of love, creating positive ripples.

The result of this will be the clear possibility of finding someone important, if you’re single, who’s probably already a part of your group of friends.

You’ll have better interpersonal skills, you’ll initiate fun conversations from which something may emerge, but you’ll have to give it your best shot.

Forget about your insecurities, don’t worry about what others might say about you or about your relationship in the future, if it evolves that way.

For those who are already in a relationship, you’ll enjoy great complicity and sensuality which you’ll be able to make the most of thanks to the celestial impulses.

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Your financial situation will become more stable by the end of this week full of ups and downs, and rather than thinking about how you’re going to spend this Sunday, you should be thinking about the next couple of days.

The weekend can be really tricky, especially, if you’re unfortunate enough to have a boss that doesn’t pay on time, and whom you have to be chasing after like a cat chases a mouse.

You should also demand the money your friend owes you, don’t let them play you for a fool.

You may be surprised of how fast you can get your belongings back, let this be a lesson to you not to lend money to your friends or family.


All the stars that will have an impact on your health this Sunday are good.

You’ll be able to enjoy good health and a strong immune system, which you’ll be able to benefit from if you do some outdoors sports.

Maybe get the family together and go for a walk around the forest, going up and down paths while you enjoy the amazing views.

Fresh air is great for you and will help you get rid of those issues that seize your stomach and won’t let go one way or the other.

Sometimes you simply forget to relax and rest.