Taurus Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


Taurus’s sky accentuates an air of nostalgia which can bring down those who are currently going through a rough patch in their love lives. But that same atmosphere can be conducive to connect with your heart and with your partner, showing you that the past doesn’t exist, and all there is, is the present.

You might need to tear yourself down a little to rebuild yourself with more determination and strength. You’ll learn the importance of sharing your emotions as opposed to bottling them up.

If you’re single, you need to know that not everybody’s opinion is relevant. Live your life however you please, and try to woo that person that gives you butterflies in your tummy.

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Any actions you carry out will bring you success and fame, but your level of demand will be so high that you’ll still feel you could have done better. You strive for excellence, and if you don’t achieve it you’ll get frustrated.

You expected your family to invest themselves a bit more in your profession and to help you out, to a certain extent, to make decisions. But do you participate actively in their professional lives?

If you’re unemployed, you could think about making some money through fun activities; collective projects are a good source of financial opportunities for you today, if you choose to take the next step.


You’ll have a chance to take revenge on the past by clearing up a doubt you have about yourself and your health, something that you haven’t shared with anyone, but which is playing up in your mind. The Magic Horoscope reveals there’s happy surprises coming your way, so relax a little, Taurus.

Don’t strain yourself too much, especially if this Tuesday is very hot where you live. Remember to take a break before you run out of energy, and drink plenty of fluids, this is essential for your body’s good performance. The stars insist: drink water, not juice or fizzy drinks.