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As a couple, this Monday you'll experience something that will definitely mark a milestone in the story of your relationship.

You'll be relaxed and happy to be yourselves, enjoying the beautiful balance that brings nothing but happy consequences into your coupled-up life.

That's why you'll want to strengthen the bonds that bring you together, to keep working on building the temple of happiness that should protect you.

So go ahead, take a step forward and go up! Make a marriage proposal if you were thinking about it, or suggest making your own family.

If you're single Taureans, this could be the beginning of a great passionate story that will become a long-lasting romance, to the extent of making you want to sacrifice your usually beloved freedom.


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It'll look like you're allergic to cash, and you'll want to spend a lot and very quickly, as if it were burning in your wallet.

Then, that's when the crying and moping comes because you don't have enough. You've been warned!

Some native Taureans will receive an interesting career proposal to join a much-expected big project.

However, before just going ahead and saying yes blindly, analyse how your pathway would go in this project, and whether it's made for you or not.

It could even be too big for you, and in the long run, you might be getting in trouble for not being able to do your best and fulfill the expectations you were meant to accomplish at a first instance.


Today you might want to be especially careful if you're prone to getting dizzy, which is highly connected to our ears and how they regulate our balance.

That's why you should pay close attention to avoid falling down, something usual in people who have to bear with this issue.

Besides, if you don't have dizziness, but you do have high blood pressure or diabetes, it wouldn't be too bad an idea to get an appointment with the ear doctor to get checked up.

There's certain illnesses in our ears that can only be prevented, so don't waste your time and go for it!