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There'll be a dramatic turn of events in the story you write on your heart on a daily basis. You'll find yourselves clueless and lost.

You come to admit you have a desperate, serious need for serenity and stability in your married life, but you don't know what you should do to achieve them.

You'll even consider giving up and letting the boat sink, instead of trying hard to keep up a harmonious environment where, if you listen close enough, you can hear birds singing and tweeting their hearts out.

If you're all by yourselves, you'll find a great chance to have an important meet-up where you'll meet someone who makes you laugh.


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There's still a few days of January left and you could use them to get started on some of the resolutions you set on day 1. It seems so far away already, right?

Especially when it comes to saving money. How about trying to save as much as you spend for a few days?

It's quite simple, Taureans: if you go out today and end up buying a couple tees, put away the exact same amount of money you paid for them.

That way, you'll be more aware of how money splashing can make your finances go down the drain if you don't stop when you should.

There won't be much more news, and if you're expecting new information on a financial issue, such as a grant, you'll still have to wait for the moment.


Do you think there's something going wrong in your sex life? It might be due to stress, even if you think they are completely unrelated.

The tension from overwhelming situations could, for instance, cause erectile dysfunction, or make romantic encounters with your partner less frequent.

A healthy life will help you fight back stress. You know, half an hour of exercise a day (a nice stroll walking quick would do), and having more fruit and veg in your diet.

That way, you'll be able to bite back on the beautiful apple that started it all.