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You’re Monday will be quiet, but not boring. Everything will go your way, according to plan.

The couples who have had arguments, will be able to patch their relationship up through open communication, even if your heart seems to be shattered.

It’s just a matter of finding the time to talk, looking into each other’s eyes, wearing your hearts on your sleeves.

If you’re single,don’t get distracted: the date you had last weekend might yet turn into something more, the foundation has been laid. Now you just need to invest in it to make it flourish.

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Some con artists will approach you and try to profit from you, making you buy useless things.

You’ll be able to detect them, but don’t give in to their proposals or you’ll end up having to pay a big sum, which you can’t really do without.

They may use arguments such as safety, or even health, but look for inconsistencies, you’ll find them. You don’t need that seemingly miraculous bed, nor an insurance against bear attacks!

Also remember to organise all the documents pertaining to your rent, contracts and such. The Magic Horoscope warns you that you’ll soon need them, so save yourself some time and organise your files!


You’ll start the week feeling well-rested; you have slept very well, and even if you had nightmares, you won’t even remember them.

This will cause you to wake up in a great mood, with loads of energy. How about cycling to work today instead of driving? You can give your legs a little workout.

To top it all off, you’ll experience a special connection with the spiritual world, and your sixth sense will be particularly keen.

You’ll be able to see that which is invisible to other people’s eyes, you’ll look at the details a lot more, and you’ll even be able to anticipate some people’s movements or actions.

Use this gift wisely, and above all, use it to do good!