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You’ll be very fragile today. Your partner might have gotten back in touch with their ex (perhaps to sort out a legal matter, such as the sale of a house they both own) but this will fill you with doubt and insecurities.

Your greatest wish will be to rekindle your flame and become more connected with your romantic nature, the one that allows you to melt even the coldest of hearts in the blink of an eye.

If you’re single, try to do some activities that bring you closer to the person you love; those hobbies you share, which bring you closer together.

Have you had a quarrel with your friends? Reconciliation is possible thanks to your good disposition. Don’t hesitate to call or text that person you’ve argued with.

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You have a feeling of great satisfaction in your financial area. You feel that all of your needs are on track, and you’d do anything to keep things just as they are for many years to come.

Your responsiveness to bad news is admirable, as you always find the silver lining in everything. You’re open to challenges, and you focus on thinking that the best is yet to come.

You’ll have an unexpected expense when it comes to transportation. You might have to change cars after a serious breakdown.


Taurus’s muscle tone is good, and you’ll be quite strong as well. Use this to carry out those activities that you keep putting off, such as purchasing heavy items like water or milk in bulk.

The second something starts to hurt you’ll want to take pills from your medicine cabinet, but you shouldn’t. Don’t self-medicate, as it can do you more harm than good in the long run.

If you wear glasses, don’t forget them at home: if you do, you might have a minor accident, plus, you’re guaranteed to get a headache, Taurus.