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The stars favour the bond and complicity in your relationship by helping you be more extroverted and affectionate than usual.

You’ll create a magical and tacit climate in your conjugal life, you’ll have to make some decisions but they will be basic and easy to make, and no one will be able to erase the smile from your face.

Your other half might not be as optimistic as you, but that won’t diminish your desire to improve your relationship.

If you’re single, you’ll decide to invest yourself in a great passion, you’ll enjoy exquisite moments, but the fire might burn away too quickly, and never regain the same level of intensity. So don’t start thinking about getting an engagement ring, or calling up a letting agency, it will fizzle out before you can do any of those things.

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The astral atmosphere will make you afraid of facing disappointment in your business, which can come in many different forms. Perhaps you suspect a potential theft, losing money on bad investments or even someone planning a scam around you.

With such a forecast, if you lend money to someone, don’t even think about getting it back, even if you’re giving it to someone you trust.

What’s more, try to avoid lending money, even if you have more than you need, it’s the best way of avoiding a future problem with someone you love. Let them sort their own problems out!


Make the most of this great day and enjoy every single one of its 24 hours. To begin with, get up a bit earlier than usual to make the most of this Monday, this will leave you more wiggle room in your schedule, Taurus.

You’ll feel less pressure, so your attitude will be better when facing any circumstances, and this will positively impact your health!

You’ll be in constant movement and the stars tell us that you’ll never feel tired, but don’t overexert yourself, or Mars might end up wearing you down mentally.

Try to rest from time to time, go for a walk outside, or take some breaks at work, and have a nice infusion of relaxing herbs such as linden or valerian root.