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Taurus Daily Horoscope for December 26

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Can you feel the powerful influence of Pluto over your skies?

We bet you can, and it's because of this influence that the flames of love will stay alive in the homes of Taureans, without having to make too much of an effort to keep them going.

Of course you can add some bits of work to make the fire burn brighter, and then the heat will be more intense and it will entice you and your other half.

Sounds like not enough? Well, Venus, the goddess of love, will know how to spark up your soul so that happiness flows free through it like water down a river, and it will flood your beloved's heart too.

Before you even know it, you'll be sailing on a pink cotton cloud that takes you to new sensory experiences.

Of course, if you don't have a partner, you'll be able to take this planetary influence to flirting and dating.

However, don't go on dates if you don't really feel like it; you'll appreciate your independence more anyway.

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Keep your feet on the ground already, Taureans. You need to stay alert for some worthy chances that will slide by today.

Thus, there's a chance for creating great business and performing financially profitable transactions with people you've seen and talked to before.

Even if they try to grind your gears, you should look strong and confident; they want to see if they're dealing with someone able to fight all adversity.

Besides, the stars will help you so that you can balance out your home budget, and you'll even give your loved ones a nice gift.


This day in late December looks energetic and even repairing to many of you native Taureans.

Thus, you'll feel a strong energy that you'll be able to use for something you've been putting off for long, that thing you always feel lazy about doing.

While you're at it putting aside that little sin of yours, you should take better care of yourselves when cooking; avoid ready-made concoctions, and have more proteins through fish and seafood.

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