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Your puzzle of love seems sort of wrecked, and you're lacking in self-confidence, as if you were expecting the approval of other people to do what you like.

This way, you're running the risk of clashing against your partner, because their authority could break your whole scheme.

You'll surprise yourselves with your reactions, and you won't necessarily give the thumbs up to the new areas in your personality, which you'll find out about all of a sudden.

You'll be an improved evolution of your past selves, but you need to break the chains so that the new you can run wild and free.

Are you single? Then, there's unforgettable experiences coming if you let Cupid strike you.


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Your intelligence stands out above the crowd, and your great perspectives when making business and developing new projects will be more than interesting.

You'll be especially skilled at finding needs that allow you to make some niche business, to become experts at something that others had usually ignored up to this point.

Try to jot down all thoughts that go through your mind into a notebook, and write about every single detail so that you don't forget.

Once the brainstorm is all set, carry out a feasibility plan, to see what investment it would take to get your project started.

Also, don't forget to find the strengths and weaknesses of the market, of course.


Many Taureans will feel some discomfort today, related to a medical treatment that's currently going on.

Thus, it could be a pill or syrup that doesn't feel too good in your stomach, and if that's what's going on, don't hesitate to go see your doctor and let them know.

There's probably an alternative that feels better and helps you get as strong as a ferocious lion.

If you're thinking about making a family, don't just worry about the tons of money that it takes to feed and dress a little one.

Look out for your mental health as well, because a baby can be very stressing, and you need to know how to combine that sense of duty with a professional and personal life.

It could even imply giving up a little on the self-indulgence we're so used to.