Taurus Daily Horoscope for June 26

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Your partner is in a fortress of solitude, and you haven’t even noticed, but this is where the stars come in handy, to make you notice it.

So try to fill your day with small gestures to make them smile, whether it’s a good morning message, if you get up at different times, or a call mid-morning to ask how their day is going.

Basically, gestures that make them know that you’re thinking about them, that your connection is authentic and real, not smoke and mirrors. And that you’re both working hard to be an integral part of the other one’s life.

If you’re single, your good mood will be your best asset to conquer hearts, but don’t boil the kettle unless you’re willing to drink the tea.

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Mercury’s current aspect suggests a relatively safe period for your finances. Whether it’s through an unexpected payment or an investment that starts yielding profit, you can be sure you’ll receive some pleasant surprises.

At work you need to step up and fix those problems that are bothering you so much, it could be a clash with a colleague you spend a lot of time with on your day to day or asking your boss to honour the conditions they agreed to.

You’ll have to crack the numbers in your domestic finances, as not everybody is paying their fair share, and that’s not right. Get your calculator out and discover who’s at fault!


You want to be the kind of Taurus that gives the best of themselves, but you tend to forget to take care of your appearance. So, how about making an appointment at a beauty clinic for a makeover?

Be bold and fun, try getting a haircut, or changing your hair colour. Now or never! That should be your motto.

Plus, don’t worry too much if you don’t like the final product. Hair grows back, and you can always take your hair back to your usual colour, if you don’t like what you see in the mirror.