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You should pay more attention to your partner’s requests. Those small hints suggesting they want you to get them that book they like for your next anniversary, or some tickets to the theatre.

It’s not that you’re not detail-oriented, Taurus: you know the devil is in the details, but sometimes you miss the hints.

The solution? To take notes every time they make a comment, maybe sending yourself a text message, or making an online purchase on the spot. This way you won’t miss a single hint!

If you’re single, you’ll be very calm and content with yourself, you won’t be in the mood for funky business or for chasing after someone who’s already told you no.

It’s their loss! You have a lot to offer in love, but only to someone who deserves it.

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You need to improve your communication with those you’re in business with.

Your business partner, or maybe the landlord you pay monthly rent to (and who doesn’t always answer your calls when something isn’t working properly).

You need to show that you have a lot of integrity, and that you know what you’re doing and how to do it, without losing your head.

If you’ve recently had a setback, do whatever you can to hide it, don’t let anyone find out that you’ve made a mistake!


You’ll have some small dental issues; maybe a filling that will fall off, or a teeth whitening treatment that won’t be as efficient as promised.

They will just be minor health concerns, but you’ll still have to sort them out.

Be careful with your intensive training sessions; if you overexert yourself, you might get a scare.

You won’t sprain a joint or anything of the sort, but you’ll feel your energy falter. Be especially careful if you suffer from diabetes, or have a family history of it.