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You’ll drive yourself up the wall thinking whether you’re giving everything you can in your current love story, your soul isn’t opening up the way it did for someone from the past.

You’re very apathetic, and your partner has to pull the relationship forward and carry your hopes and broken dreams all by themselves. Don’t get used to this!

On the other hand, on this last day of the week (and last Sunday of the month!) How about you organise, within your possibilities, a family gathering? Let that bond that time and distance have strained be rebuilt!

You know the saying, blood is thicker than water, the bond you have with your relatives is very strong, and the trust of old will flourish anew.

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Take advantage of your free time to update and retouch your cover letter and personal resume.

You’ll receive a call in the next few days, inviting you over for a job interview.

You’ll have to do your homework, prepare for it, and above all, optimize the information you give about yourself. Lying is strictly forbidden, don’t mention qualifications you don’t have or languages you don’t speak!

To analyze how much money you spend over the weekend, you can do a little thought exercise: put in your savings the same amount you spent. It’s very simple, Taurus.

Going to the movies? Put the equivalent of the cost of the tickets in an envelope. Buying a shirt you weren’t planning on buying? Put the equivalent sum away as well. This will make you more aware of how much you’re spending.


There have been times in your life where your fears and insecurities were more under control than they are now, am I wrong?

You can even see that you’re acquiring new phobias which sometimes leave you breathless.

It might be time to decide what day next week you’re going to see a therapist, so you can recover the reins of your life, and get your thoughts in check.

Also, the stars invite you to leave your pride aside, and to love yourself more.