Taurus Daily Horoscope for April 27

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If you’ve been married for many years now, Taurus, perhaps you feel like you haven’t experienced life to the fullest, this feeling will take over you and you’ll want to start playing catch up!

You won’t want to resist temptation and you’ll even question if resisting is truly worth it, as you feel what you have isn’t good enough, but you’re not sure you’re ready to say goodbye and end the relationship.

Think carefully about your next move, if you make a mistake, you’ll find neither forgiveness nor understanding on the lips of the one you’ve shared so much with.

If you’re free and unencumbered, you’ll multiply your exhilarating adventures and tying you down will become impossible; you were born to be free and to enjoy every moment.

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Excessive trust will lead you to ask one of your friends for their professional services, perhaps as an IT technician, physician or builder.

But, naturally, you want the friends and family discount, and they might not take it kindly, as they’ll feel you don’t value their work.

Would you like to get paid less for your work? Even if it’s for an acquaintance. I highly doubt it.

How many problems would be solved if, from time to time, we all walked a mile in someone else’s shoes before speaking and, especially, before negotiating!


The day will go smoothly in terms of your health, thanks to Mercury’s support, which will calm your anxiety.

Mind you, the neck pain you often experience is caused by stress, if you relaxed a bit, the pain would ease off considerably.

Those Taurus who suffer a chronic illness should be more cautious than usual, you think you know your limits, but you might receive a rude awakening.

And, of course, carry on with your medical treatment, without exception, to avoid weakening or a relapse.