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If you’re married, you’ll experience both positive and negative feelings at the same time: the stars make you long for faithfulness and freedom at the same time, making you have internal clashes.

Saturn could make things a bit tense with your other half, but you want to fight just as much as you want to soften the blows so you don’t hurt each other with nasty words.

As you already know that your emotions are muddled up, you should avoid making important decisions, put bad things into perspective and try to hold on to the good things. Don’t go to bed angry.

If you’re single, you’ll exude happiness, joy and emotional intensity will be present, and someone who’ll stir feelings inside of you, and who’ll mend the pieces of your broken heart will appear without you having to go out looking for them. Pay attention to the signs!

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At work, you’ll be very inspired by the stars, you’ll have great ideas to pitch to your supervisors and you’ll expect a reward for them.

They’ll listen to you intently, but you have to wait for the right time, don’t rush into it and use a humble approach, this way you’ll maximize your chances of succeeding, Taurus.

This Tuesday is full of energy and will to succeed, enough to solve your material problems masterfully. You could even request help from third parties, who will happily lend you a hand. You’ll be charming, and you’ll achieve anything you set your mind to!


Your head will be rattled as if it were a washing machine stuck in a spinning cycle, therefore, you might suffer from headaches and dizziness, especially if you’re traveling on public transport, surrounded by people coming and going.

To take a break and escape the suffocating environment, you can try putting an aromatherapy cushion on your neck, with buckwheat seeds, lavender, and other flowers to help you lower your levels of anxiety and even help you sleep. Its relaxing aromas will work wonders, Taurus.

For the rest, the Magic Horoscope doesn’t have much else to report in terms of your health, as long as common sense is employed always, at all times.