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The stars of the Magic Horoscope are all around you, offering some special protection as far as love is concerned, and they're more than willing to help you out.

Therefore, this Wednesday you won't have to worry too much; your mind can fly away if it feels like doing so, because no one's asking for it to be active.

In case there's clashing thoughts between you and your partner, you'll feel little to no worried at all, because whatever conflict arises will get sorted out by itself.

But watch out, because this passiveness should be just temporary. Don't get used to it!

If you're single, however, you'll see your day take a wild turn with the appearance of someone with plenty of mystery around them, who will entice you with their intriguing love flair.


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Your mind's taking the lead, even over your body, and you keep having ideas to improve your finances.

You need to listen to that inner voice, because nothing but the truth is coming from it, and the Magic Horoscope guarantees that those freshly harvested ideas will become strong, yet easy-to-handle projects.

It's only a matter of allowing them to nourish and grow, by watering them daily so that they eventually become obvious and essential.

In the end, the raise you wanted will come, and it'll be exclusively from your own work.

In that sense, if you have aloe vera frankincense around the house, you could burn it today; among its benefits, we can point out its efficiency at bringing harmony into work, as well as to make successful projects more specific.


You've probably done sport around the house at some point, and that's all fine and dandy, as long as there's supervision around.

You might be doing those early morning abs exercises the wrong way, perhaps because of your body posture, or you're doing too little or not enough.

If you have incontinence issues, today you'll experience an embarrassing situation, but you shouldn't be ashamed of it at all.

Accidental bladder weakness is quite common, especially for women, and if we start talking about it out loud, we'll break many taboos.