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This Sunday, you'll feel like you're defenceless against the rest of the world, as if there were a conspiracy all around to make you suffer, to make every minute and every moment of your day miserable, a living nightmare.

Oh dear... Vibrations around you are seriously foul, and they can hurt the love your partner feels for you in such a hard way, Taureans.

In fact, you're wasting so much time on complaining that you're not even seeing that your partner needs your help and connection.

Those selfish shades you've got on right now aren't letting you see things for what they clearly are, because you're not doing that bad anyway.

You can escape darkness, and you should do it before someone's bored from hearing your calls for help, and ends up putting a wall between you so that you stop making all that noise.


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It's time to get financially serious, Taureans, because you're making some mistakes that just pile up one on top of another.

This could end up making a serious hole in your finances that'll be hard to cover up, which can put you right in the midst of all your family's criticism.

The constant thought of "it's okay to do it just once" is your very worst enemy, Taureans.

That way, you're only extending bad habits for your finances' health. Try to take the tools from the stars to set everything straight, and start putting a bit more common sense into the way you get things done.


In order to improve your spiritual connection to the universe, because the stars see that you're pretty out of place both in love and money, try to pull out all the ecological stops.

You need to make peace with Mother Nature as much as you can, and this could happen through a getaway that allows you to swim as freely as a fish in the biggest, greatest of seas.

Let the sun fill you up with energy through its warm rays, and when eating, try to choose organic foods, the ones that respect the environment when being produced.