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In terms of love, it’ll take a bit of good will to make things work; find the patience within you, and use it for the sake of your relationship, if you’re going through a rough patch.

Your ideas will be clear, and you’ll have faith in your abilities, your intuition will help you make your other half happy without overexerting yourself.

There’ll be good news in the family, possibly about the arrival of a new member, who’s already coming. But careful! It could even be you, Taurus, who’ll become a parent in a few month.

If you’re single, this Monday will be a somewhat boring day for you. What did you expect? For your love life to be constantly like an amusement park where it’s all party? Don’t push your luck!

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Buying second hand items will allow you to save a pretty penny, even if it’s appliances. Every day more and more items such as laptops or mobile phones are being sold reconditioned.

If you’re afraid of cons, most manufacturers offer these kinds of things with a warranty.

If you finally decide to buy new items, make sure they’re good quality, and if possible, that they’re environmentally friendly, which might push their price up a little. However, you’ll save money in the long run as they’ll have better energy efficiency.


You’ve known since school that your lungs receive oxygen and purify your blood, as well as allowing the brain to function properly.

Why do we bring this up? With your hectic lifestyle you tend to forget to breathe properly, you have bad habits which affect the health of your lungs.

Try to breathe properly, cast your thoughts aside and dedicate a few minutes each day to do breathing exercises: inhale, exhale. They’ll help you reduce your fatigue and stress.

And, of course, if you smoke, you need to quit, cigarettes obstruct the air flow and promote very serious pulmonary illnesses such as cancer. Quit now!