Taurus Daily Horoscope for April 28

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At family gatherings things might turn bitter and ruin a lovely celebration; no matter how much you try to avoid conflict, conflict will still find you.

You might even hear some harsh words from someone you love, and they won’t be wrong, if they’re reproaching your selfish behaviour.

Your relationships will be calm, but if you’ve very recently started one, you’ll think your partner is behaving a bit odd, as if they weren’t the same person that sparked your interest last week.

This is due to the position of several planets, and, unfortunately, that feeling won’t go away overnight.

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Today you’ll receive something that used to belong to someone you admired greatly and who, unfortunately, is no longer with us.

It won’t have financial value, but it will have great sentimental value, not everything in this life can be bought.

True value is invisible to the eyes, and a price cannot be put on it.

Use your spare time to tidy up your house and to get rid of the books you’re not going to read again, or the films you never watch.

You could sell them at a second-hand store, or donate it to a charity to expand their library. You’ll have more space at home and you’ll have helped others!


Remember to be up to day with your health, go for a check-up, and book an appointment for those things you’ve been postponing for a while.

The physical state of a close friend or relative will make you think about your own body, or rather, how you’re neglecting it.

You’ll promise yourself to be more moderate and responsible, but words mean nothing without commitment.

Perhaps you should look for a gym buddy, so that you can motivate each other to keep going regularly.