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What would happen if this Wednesday you made a decision about your love life that completely changed your reality and even your behaviour?

The current atmosphere makes you want to surprise, to overcome social conventions and be free in your own way, without having to answer to anyone.

You’ll be able to tell your family that you have a child they knew nothing about, or break certain taboos regarding your sexual orientation or gender identity.

Emotions will be particularly brilliant and fast within couples. Intellect and sensitivity work together to fill every single hour today with innovations.

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The bad management of your assets can force you to require financial support. Today you’ll receive it from friends, relatives (or asking for a bank loan, if you don’t want to bother your loved ones).

Be careful. Make sure the money you get actually goes towards solving your problems, not to create new ones by wasting it impulsively.

It will be important that, in the future, you return any favours you receive today; don’t be too cocky, or tomorrow you’ll have no one to turn to.

Read between the lines and pay attention to the small print before you sign any contracts, or your laments will be heard all the way to Mars.

It’s just a way of covering yourself, looking after your own interests and not risking your savings in a foolish way, Taurus.


Whether it’s on your balcony, or at the beach, or by a swimming pool, make the most of the sunny day to bask in the sunshine, and synthesize vitamin D.

Also, send invitations out to gather up your friends and dance until the morning (dancing is a fun way of exercising!).

Generally speaking, any initiative that improves your health will be welcome, but don’t get swept up by alternative therapies. Never stop following your doctor’s instructions, regardless of how many gurus come into your life.