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When Venus and Mars come together on your skies, they make you act all innocent, like you're in love with life, and ready to trust the kindness of people, even strangers.

This way, you become more prone to being tricked by people who, at a first glance, appear to offer you their love or friendship, when in fact they want more.

They might want you to share your profits, or use your power and influence to get a goal they've set which they haven't told you about yet.

Don't let anyone toy with you or your feelings, but don't go losing the hopes that the world is a beautiful place full of worthy individuals.

In any case, don't forget to appreciate your partner and what they do if you have one. Sometimes, you praise other people but forget to appreciate and thank the person who's right there next to you.


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A new week begins, and it's the pathway from January to February. Now that the month is finally saying goodbye, how are your finances doing?

You know that they're not as excellent as you wanted them to be in late December, when you thought that things would get so much better this 2019.

That you would be more faithful and stick to your budget, and that you'd double your efforts to make your financial situation exponentially improve.

It's not too late to take back the lead, Taureans, but stop betting half-way and rule your life with a firm stance and grip.


There's signs in your sky that you'll have a foul night where insomnia will be a clear sign.

The problem that comes from not resting well or enough is that oftentimes we fall prey to poor diets. For instance, because you get up from bed in the middle of the night for a late-night snack.

Not sleeping enough for a long time also breaks the regulation of our hormones, and it makes us go for poor dietary choices once the day comes.

Try to give as much quality to your sleep as you can, and find help if you see you can't make it on your own.