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You’ll finish the week with more confidence than usual, you believe in yourself, and you act with efficiency and create the perfect moment to delve deeper into your desires, as well as those of your loved ones.

You’ll want to know more about their projects, understand their perspective in life, and you’ll also show yourself just the way you are, without masks.

The sky leads you to action and allows you to evolve internally; so, in your relationship, you won’t neglect your other half, you’ll analyze their feelings and you’ll reflect on what you have to change to make them happier (you can always do a bit more, there’s always room for improvement).

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You need to stop thinking about what you can waste your money on unless they’re things you really need; you’re going through a very consumerist phase, where you’d like to buy all the items on the catalogues that arrive at your house, as well as anything you see advertised on your phone.

You’ll be especially prone to buying appliances and things for the home which appear very useful, but which you know you’ll only use a couple of times. Do you really need a new fridge or an egg poacher?

If you’re one of the lucky Taurus who don’t have to work today, use your day to do leisure activities which don’t involve spending too much money. You could go to the beach or to the countryside with your family, or go to a museum with free entry on Sundays.


The moon faces you with situations which allow you to go beyond your limits. The unknown opens up before you with a strong impact, leading you to new perceptions on how to improve your emotional life. You’ll be able to tidy up your thoughts.

This is a good period of harmonious exchanges of knowledge about the body, philosophical schools of thought, new meditation techniques, and generally speaking, your spiritual side, Taurus.

Regarding your physical performance, the best thing will be to be cautious in your quest to strengthen and tone your body. Results will appear little by little, without haste (but without pause either).