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Things will remain as they are for the time being, Taurus. Today will be a dull day when it comes to love, there will be no new developments.

If your partner woke up on the wrong side of the bed due to unresolved issues from yesterday, the stars indicate that today is not the best day to try and solve them.

Generally, it will be a sort of stagnant day, in which you’ll hide away from the world, maybe for fear of getting your heart broken.

If you’re single, you won’t be in the mood to woo or be wooed.

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You’ll struggle to fulfill your duties at work, you’ll have lots of interruptions and pauses, and it’s impossible to get anything done like that.

Do not despair, it’s just one day, don’t blow up just yet; there’ll be no need to unleash your wrath.

For those artistic Taurus out there, who are struggling to make a living out of it, get moving and create ways to profit from it!

For example, you could start a crowdfunding campaign on social media, to enable the public to purchase your stories, drawings or music.

It’s just a matter of designing it in a way that attracts traffic! Jupiter will aid you in making it succeed. Let’s go!


How often do you look in the mirror? You should do it a bit more, not to see if you’ve put on or lost weight, but to better appreciate the changes to your body.

Check if everything looks the same, if you have for moles on your skin, or lumps, or anything of the sort. Pay attention to the details!

With regards to your diet, don’t do any diets that limit your food intake to a single food group, such as vegetable soup for breakfast, lunch and dinner, or those that involve drinking a syrup diluted in water.

They key is to have five meals a day, and a varied diet (more vegetables and proteins than fat, naturally). The theory is easy, but putting it into practice doesn’t have to be hard.