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The Magic Horoscope gives you the green light in love, especially if you’re married. You’ll be able to carry out those things that you’d like to do but don’t know how to propose to your partner.

Conjugal life will be harmonious, balanced, and filled with tenderness and affection, but it won’t be monotonous. There’ll be small clashes, of the usual kind, but they’ll vanish before they even start.

If you’re single, any adventures you undertake will be tempting but fleeting; but in a few cases, they might become more than you expected.

But rest assured, you won’t finish the day eloping, as if your life was a film set in Las Vegas. And if at some point you find yourself in a chapel with a ring on one hand, just say no!

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There’ll be distractions at work, with the unforeseen visit of clients (or bosses) which will disrupt your balance and your schedule for the day.

You’ll have to adjust to this rhythm, which will temporarily disrupt your appointments, but in the end, it’ll all be alright, and the day will seem shorter.

With regards to money, it’ll be a period of balance that will be easy to live through, in which you’ll have a gift for finding bargains and thus, saving some money.

You’ll be especially skilled at buying gifts for certain engagements coming up (birthdays, weddings, communions...) in which you won’t spend as much as you thought.


In the wise words of the Beatles, you can get by with a little help from your friends. Are you thinking of improving certain health habits? Look for someone to do it with you.

Your partner, your best friend, or an acquaintance who has the same goals you have. What do you want to do? Quit smoking? Go for a run every day? Or perhaps start a diet?

Develop your resilience, you know that you can achieve anything if you really want to, and you will be able to do it, and that person will support you, and you’ll support them, in climbing that ladder, as steep as it may seem, towards your goals.

Diuretic infusions will be of great help today.