Taurus Daily Horoscope for April 29

Your Horoscope for Monday
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Venus is looking after your relationship, and thanks to the benevolence of the goddess of love, you’ll soon enter a positive and important phase in your lives together.

If you haven’t been together long, you’ll decide to take the next step, and you’ll toy with the idea of moving in together or walking down the aisle in a small and intimate ceremony.

In very few cases there will be such lack of harmony that you might consider breaking up.

If you’re single, the last Monday of April will be delightful: the stars promise you a romantic and passionate encounter.

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You can’t do miracles when it comes to money; your budget is what it is, and even if you’re skillful, you’ll still struggle to make ends meet.

Should you borrow money from a friend or relative? Only if you’re truly desperate; otherwise, it’s better to keep your mouth shut and your hands in your pockets.

At work, buckle up to get told off for something that hasn’t been done properly; but before you say you’re sorry, analyze what it is that hasn’t worked out.

Chances are you did a good job, but whoever picked it up afterwards made a mess of it and threw you under the bus.

Speak up, so they can commend you on what you’ve done properly!


You’ll feel very healthy today, due to Mercury’s influence, and you’ll adapt better to the different events you have scheduled.

You could carry out some tasks you find boring and tedious, the kind you keep putting off for a day when you have more energy and are in a better mood.

Nothing will be able to tarnish your smile today, it will be stamped on, and you’ll also cheer other people up!

You’ll be filled with energy, and culinary imagination, which will allow you to create healthy and delicious meals.

Everything will spark your interest, you’ll desire knowledge, and this will come in handy for those who have to study.