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Taurus Daily Horoscope for December 29

Your Horoscope for Saturday
Taurus Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



There's that feeling around you over again: every time the weekend kicks in, you need to bring out some fireworks and light them up so that they can flood your skies with magic.

This Saturday you're definitely not inot that, because you'd rather stay home instead of going out and painting the town red. Something understandable, on the other hand, because your excessive social life during the Christmas holidays.

You feel like having some routine, and this might not be too good for your partner. They want more action.

What's our advice about it? If you take a slight turn on this and please your partner, you'll save yourselves from the arguments and sour faces. You might even have a better time than you thought.

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Today, your finances will be nice and quiet, even if Christmas celebrations are going strong here and there.

The Magic Horoscope is taking care of you, and predicts that whatever expense you need to do will be paid off by other people.El Horóscopo Mágico te mima, y predice que aquellos gastos que tengas que hacer van a ser sufragados por otras personas.

Being invited and getting favours will be the norm around you, which will help your finances take a nice break.

Weren't you the one who started getting things for others anyway, even paying up more than you should?


Even if you try to look strong and wise, sometimes you're more broken inside than anyone could ever imagine.

Especially because of certain family issues that make your mind spin around, thinking about how things could be worked out better and easier.

This weekend you should have some reflection time. But in any case, when Monday comes, you should arrange an appointment with a therapist or psychologist to help you out.

Let them teach you how to rearrange your train of thought, and to make the best choices looking from the outside, without having emotions rule every step in your life.

If you want to sleep well tonight, valerian could be your best ally. Also, you should try to keep fatty foods away from you, because your belly won't digest them too well.