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Do you have a relationship that's become a little rocky as of lately? Don't look to the sides, Taureans, it's you we're talking about.

That's why there's very simple solutions to get rid of the issues that make your relationship a rocky road rather than a bed of roses.

It's enough to be assertive when listening, to understand what your partner's trying to say, and to be thankful for the smallest gestures, like the fact that they're the ones who go shopping, or bring you a glass of water when you're thirsty.

And of course, hug and kiss as much as you can.


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This Tuesday, the stars have a specific mission for you: try to make everyone's lives a pleasant experience.

Offer a helping hand to whoever needs it, make a recommendation letter for someone who's looking for a job (if you can give a professional account of how worthy they are, of course).

You should try to make the finances of people around you activate in any way you can afford.

This way, you'll create an interesting connection that will help all of you get on board, and in the end, you'll get your own rewards.

Besides, whatever you do won't fall out the window. People will remember this whenever you're the ones in need of help.


What were your health goals for the last few days or weeks?

Taureans, your skies point out that you'll experience disappointment, perhaps because you didn't lose as much weight as you expected, and you might have even gained some.

Don't get overwhelmed or feel defeated, and don't let distress make you ruin your own goals and pathway. That's one of the key things you should remember today.

While you're at it, care for your eyes and anything that's related to them, because today you might experience a temporary eye irritation that could come in the form of an itch or dryness.

If this happens, go see your doctor, because with the right eyedrops, things will go back to normal, and before you know it you'll be ready to rumble again.