In the morning your love life will feel like a fairytale in which you could break into song while you wait for prince charming or princess charming to come to your balcony.

How naive of you, Taurus, and it’s all Disney’s fault! You’ll soon find some bumps along the road.

In fact, your conyugal life will be no walk in the park; there will be clashes and friction, which will only snowball unless you let your guard down.

However, there’s always calm after the storm, and when you make up there will be sparks, and wrinkled bed sheets and a trail of clothes leading to the bedroom.

If you’re single your love life will be a bit more complicated. The dates you have won’t go as planned, and you’ll end up not knowing where you are or what you want.

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At work you’ll be able to do great things which will positively impact your income, but you have to be more organised than usual.

Take the time you need to play your day, leaving time to rest or to take care of unexpected matters.

Focus on the main tasks for the day, three, tops, and don’t get sidetracked until you’ve completed them.

This is the only way you’ll achieve some success at work, and set a deadline to finish your current projects or those that are a bit in the air. Pursue excellence and make things happen.


We tend to leave starting new healthy habits, such as quitting smoking, signing up to a gym or starting a diet, for the first day of the month, or for Mondays.

Huge mistake! You can get rid of your unhealthy habits today, the last Friday of March.

The Magic Horoscope sees a lot of willpower in you, so make the most of it and take the first steps towards a healthier life.

If you decide to quit smoking, go cold turkey; cutting down doesn’t work.