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There’ll be a good connection between the universe and your heart, you’ll want to give love to others, and also to receive love.

In your relationship (if you currently have one, Taurus) your chemistry will be excellent, and you’ll feel you’re on the same page. Something which doesn’t happen often. You’ll get rid of the bad vibes which had been tormenting you for days, as well as any potential jealousy.

If you’re single you’ll be fascinated by someone new, you couldn’t even tell where they came from, but they make you want to smile and enjoy the good moments in life.

Don’t neglect your family, especially if there’s a birthday or some other celebration coming up. There’s no need to be in bad form! Set reminders on your phone and calendar so you don’t forget.

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Being very sociable can lead to meeting interesting people, who do the same thing you do, and with whom you could go into business at some point, which would be great.

Now, Taurus, if you stay up too late or fail to fulfill your duties, because you’re choosing leisure and events overwork, the consequence could be poor performance at work.

And the damage you’ll do to yourself will be very hard to repair. Be wise!


You’ll have to question some health and wellbeing habits which you follow often, but which have no scientific basis.

You’ve heard that some foods are good (or bad) for your wellbeing, but it could be lies.

For example, there’s people who use lemon to whiten their teeth, but citrus fruits cannot whiten your teeth.

And it could even have the opposite effect, since the acidity of the lemon harms the enamel, and, in the long run, makes the gums retract!