Taurus Daily Horoscope for April 3

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You’ll want to place your feelings of love on a pedestal, as if they were a creed or a religion.

You’ll try to understand your partner better, and this will be a good day for it, and for discovering those little details that make them unique.

You’ll enjoy moments of happiness, but it’ll depend on how much effort you put into it. Saturn will lend a hand by sprinkling some spice over your romantic relationships.

This Magic Horoscope planet will help those who are single to take another step towards a bigger commitment (but finding your soulmate will be like mission impossible).

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There will be difficult times ahead, filled with doubt and uncertainty, for those who currently don’t have a permanent job.

You’ll receive offers that aren’t great, that you won’t have the slightest interest in, because you don’t like doing slave labour, subsidizing somebody else’s lifestyle with your time and life while you struggle to make ends meet.

For this reason, you’ll have to turn them down, tell them you’ve no interest in what they’re offering, regardless of how desperate you are.

Fight for your dignity as a worker, because if you accept you’ll be undoing years of fight for workers’ rights, by promoting misery jobs with which one can barely make it to the end of the month.


You’ll benefit greatly from relaxation exercises, you’ll find them interesting and they will clear your mind and leave it spotless.

We’re referring to stretching exercises designed to maintain (or increase) the flexibility of your muscles and joints in specific areas.

Try to do this kind of exercises often, and you’ll see the results; three times a week will suffice.

Remember that you have to do these things on a firm surface, over which you can put a yoga mat or similar.

Be careful not to overdo it though! If it feels too painful, then you’re forcing your muscles too much, and could potentially injure yourself.

Lastly, remember to breathe deeply while you’re exercising; inhaling and exhaling properly will help oxygenate your muscles.