Taurus Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


There’s plenty of tenderness and understanding in your marriage. There’s still a tendency to dream of things going even better, but then again, why should you cap happiness?

Careful, no one can protect you from disillusionment; this is especially the case if you’re leading a double life in love, and perhaps you’ll be found out.

If you’re single you might feel attracted to someone very different but you won’t want to settle down just yet. Love is that capricious.

However, your soulmate won’t appear today, but you will have good fun, which over time might become a good friendship.

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You’re going through a great and constructive period, so you can relax a bit, Taurus.

You’ll benefit from great astral support, so you can confidently focus on your financial goals: there’s no sign of bad people around you who might try to trick you or scam you out of your savings.

Just because it’s the weekend it’s no excuse for you to stop looking for a job if you’re unemployed. Go out, stay in touch with the outside world to be able to examine everything it’s got to offer.

Money talks will be gratifying and you’ll be able to highlight your skills without taking the easy way out.


There might be tension around you and you should try to dodge it as much as you can, politely, if you can. Try to walk the path of peace. Your nerves might be put to the test, and you don’t need this right now.

You can improve your appearance by taking care of your eyes, especially if they’re puffy.

There’s no need to have plastic surgery: there are various home remedies which are natural and cheap.

The easiest option is putting cold slices of cucumber over your eyes; its freshness will relax you, and it only takes a couple of minutes. You can also use raw potato slices if you don’t have any other vegetables at hand.