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This Sunday, you'll feel moderate passion, although this doesn't mean you stopped loving your partner, of course.

You just don't feel like playing around in the bedroom, that's all.

To avoid your significant other from feeling offended, try to be as affectionate as ever, or even a little more, and tell them that things haven't changed, that it's okay.

And if you're single, you don't exactly have a big fireworks display either on your experiences for this first Sunday of February.

Therefore, you're much better off leaving dates for another day, to make them slightly memorable.


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You need to boost exquisite taste for details today, even if it's a Sunday. Any day of the week is good for business.

In that sense, if you're selling or buying property, even if it's through second-hand item apps or flea markets, pay attention to all the items included in your deals.

There might be slight imperfections, hidden details or other minor features that could make the product less worthy than what the original owners want to make you think, or even less worthy than you think they are.

If you're polite and talented enough, you can get far in conversations for sure, so don't worry, because if you want to get things sorted out, you can and will. It's all a matter of not getting overwhelmed and having some skills.


Your memory's having some fails as of recently in things as ordinary as knowing what food is stocked in your fridge (before the best-before-date is over!) or where you left your keys.

To improve this, you can use simple techniques such as saying out loud every action you do, because that'll help you remember things more easily.

If you have to run medical tests, like a blood test, for instance, you should write everything down and keep a neat, ordered record.

That way nothing will escape your control, and you won't have to apologise or get another appointment, because sometimes they can have serious delays (and that's when your wellness is at stake).