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There's chemistry in your heart and mind, you're ready to enjoy your loved one. However, Taureans, there's signs of a physical separation, as if one of you had to leave miles away from your (currently) other half.

Whether this is happening or not, live for the moment without really caring about what people will say about you alone, or both of you as a couple.

In that sense, you should know that there'll be comments on your personal perspectives and the way you love, which really shouldn't be anyone else's business.

So, what to do? Shake it off, ignore any hate coming in, and do everything as your heart says. If you want to get crazy, go crazy.

Isn't it healthy to go a little crazy every now and then?

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Today you'll receive interesting number proposals, and that's wonderful, if it weren't because what you're being proposed goes against your values and principles.

This will open up a debate about how far you're willing to go for money, and what the limits that you have and want to set for yourselves are.

However, it's fine if you eat up a little bit of your dignity, go through the storm and take on those challenging tasks. Does everyone work doing what they like anyway?

Definitely not! Right? Besides, you can take this as a one-time thing, not a lifetime commitment.


Watch your exposure to social networks today, and in the days to come, because you might be slightly dependent on them.

You think that your phone and seeing what other people say takes off time that you could use more wisely, right?

If you know, don't take any longer and start working, because you're losing quite some time already about this.

When it comes to your diet, don't forget to include iron-rich foods, such as fruits with plenty of vitamin C so that this mineral is properly absorbed by your body.

A glass of juice or a few tangerines will be more than enough. Plus, you'll profit from the many properties of these citrus fruits.