Taurus Daily Horoscope for July 3

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In your love life, trust facts rather than your intuition. What’s in front of your eyes is a certain thing, what other people tell you is probably a lie, even if it’s not a malicious one.

This method of objective analysis is the best way to avoid problems, as jealousy could make an appearance and destroy everything in its path.

You’ll have great joys in your family life: you’ll be able to give love to your nearest and dearest thanks to some astral impulses which will positively impact your relationship with them. There’ll be news that you’ll let in on, in the best possible sense.

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Some of your worries regarding your finances will make themselves felt during the first few hours of the day, but don’t worry, Taurus: with Saturn’s help you’ll manage to find balance without needing to ask anyone for help.

Don’t let your money troubles keep you up at night, or cause any other kind of discomfort: you need to learn to put things into perspective.

Your professional commitments might require you to work overtime, to take work home with you, or to be checking your phone constantly. There’s life beyond work, don’t forget this!


The Magic Horoscope’s influence on your sky will emphasize your sociable and open side, which you’ll be able to channel through some activities in contact with nature, or having a football match or practicing any other sports.

You’ll feel comfortable anywhere you go, even in places which you’d formerly considered hostile for people such as yourself, and which you’d avoid for this reason.

Listen to your body, it might be tired for some reason (or even injured) it could be asking for some mercy.

Caution, rest and moderation with your food intake will help you get through this period which appears to be tricky. But this doesn’t mean you won’t have reasons to smile.