Taurus Daily Horoscope for June 3

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If you’re in a relationship, Taurus, the week will begin on a high note for you. You won’t get bored if you like to break the routine and be a bit mischievous.

Everything will go smoothly as Venus, goddess of love will make tenderness reign, and will make sensuality especially present mutually.

In fact, many Taurus will notice that what they give to their beloved comes back to them tenfold: you’ll receive all the passion and love you give multiplied.

If you’re single you might have a productive chat with someone who makes you giddy, and with whom you probably already had contact during one of the evenings of this past weekend.

Could it be that under the impulse from Venus you find yourself falling head over heels, or very close to it? Your romantic nature will be revealed and you could even surprise yourself.

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You may have a really strong desire to change jobs or even start your own business, at your risk and expense, in order to make more money.

Before you get there, you must put your ideas down in writing to be able to try and make them come true, you need a good viability plan, with a contingency plan for unforeseen events. You can’t just start a business like that, without careful planning!

The stars promise an improving financial situation, so long as you keep your feet on the earth.

Updating your resume wouldn’t go amiss, both the hard copy and the one you’ve uploaded to apps and job search websites.


Your vitality is good, Taurus, as pointed out by the Magic Horoscope, and you can use it to improve your wellbeing, as well as to have fun.

Enjoy your free time, if you have any, do that activity you enjoy so much, and while you’re at it, feed your mind, by reading or playing chess or other games that require your focus.

At some point, you might have issues with lifting heavy items, perhaps during a move, or a shop run that’s gotten a bit out of hand. If that’s the case, remember to lift with your legs and not with your back!