Taurus Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


Today won’t be a walk in the park for those who’ve just experienced heartbreak; even if you’re recovering, something inside you will break again.

Thus, there will be tears shed today, and a desperate quest to find some comfort in your friends and family.

For those who are in a happy relationship, with such astral environment, there won’t be much complicity, and there could be disputes or misunderstandings over trivialities, be careful!

If you’re single, you’ll want freedom, but you’ll look for affection in the arms of the worst possible choice; be careful not to offer your heart to the first person that comes near you, what they’re offering is nothing but smoke and mirrors.

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You’ll have to put your accounts in order, and above all, ask those who owe you money that they pay you back; it could be a joint present for a friend that you paid for, and for which no one has paid for their part yet.

At work, you’ll see how the financial crisis will increase the tension, and this will make you try to be more efficient in your performance.

But don’t expect a pat on the back, even if you do a brilliant job and meet every target set.

You’ll have to be the one to congratulate yourself on a job well done; it’s not the same as being acknowledged by your boss, or by someone you look up to, but it’ll have to do!


Physical inactivity can be very harmful to the bodies of many Taurus today.

The consequence? A rather nasty backache, as if you were rusty and couldn’t move as much as you should.

Try to be more active, ditch lifts and pick the stairs instead, and try to do some push-ups or press ups at home.

On the other hand, the Magic Horoscope recommends you moderate your alcohol intake, you might have some social events today where there’ll be an abundance of wine and beer.

Otherwise tomorrow you’ll regret not having stopped soon enough.