Taurus Daily Horoscope for April 30

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Mars, god of war, will influence your day. Needles to say: you’ll try to win your love battles, regardless of the means.

If you’re single, you’ll have the chance to get what you desire, but there might be traps set out for you along the way, perhaps from someone who loves the same person you do.

Also, when it comes to dates, Pluto could cause some unforeseen delays that won’t sit right with you.

Lastly, Neptune will enhance your determination, and if you’re in a relationship, you could surprise your partner with some gesture or detail to make them smile.

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Prepare for a great event, an important meeting in which, if everything turns out ok, you could make decent money, as revealed by the Magic Horoscope for the last day of the month.

You could feel instant and mutual chemistry with the other party, and you’ll feel content if you manage to close the deal.

However, it can’t hurt to research the company before you make a commitment, can it?

If you work with relatives, you’ll get the chance to lead the task force under the current position of Venus, which shows a favourable aspect.

Remember to buy the presents you need for upcoming birthdays, communions, or similar events, start putting money away for these things.

Otherwise you’ll shake your fist at the heavens when the time comes and you’re empty handed, and you’ll have to apologise and make it up to those you’ve wronged.


As usual, your health and wellbeing will be relatively protected. Your energy level will be decent, and you’ll be a role model to others.

Try to think of this as a privilege; think of it as your compensation for inconveniences in other areas of your life, which you do have, don’t you?.

Don’t leave for tomorrow things that you can do today to improve your situation, such as meditation or sports.

If you can, wear green clothes today, it will do you good according to chromotherapy, try it!