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Taurus Daily Horoscope for December 30

Your Horoscope for Sunday
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The truth is that there's nothing of serious importance romantically speaking this Sunday, according to the Magic Horoscope's predictions.

The way things are around the oracle's thoughts, your relationship seems to be signaling to an impeccable sense of quietness, a peace that's not all good, because there's no burning passion included. Therefore, you shouldn't expect sparks flying and heating up your heart and your sheets.

In a certain way, this might be good for you because you're not that much into tempestuous relationships, at least not in this stage of your life.

On the other hand, if you're single, you'll feel a little sentimental and you'll need someone to cuddle you and seduce you.

If you want to find it, use Mars' current influential impact, although you're more likely to have fruitless flings instead of ravishing romances.

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Just a few more days and we'll say goodbye to 2018. That'll be the start of not only the fearful January blues, but also that promising 2019.

In that sense, you should start budgeting to get a nice trip, whether you go alone, with your family or any other way you want.

Let imagination soar, set a goal, and go for that country or location you've dreamed of since you can remember.

If you set a goal, you'll see it's easier to save up; you'll be more motivated, and you'll even think of the plane tickets every time you have to do one more hour of work.


Fear isn't in your vocabulary registry. Today, Mars, the god of war, will give you spectacular strength and energy, something the stars have already discussed when it comes to love.

Thus, today you'll be courageous enough to face that health issue you don't usually share, maybe because of how serious it is, or because it is connected to the most intimate areas of your body.

Besides, the way you perceive reality will be quite objective, and it'll allow you to appreciate some situations you weren't too fond of, which will make you more optimistic as well.