Taurus Daily Horoscope for January 30

Your Horoscope for Wednesday
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You're about to be the target of criticism, and people who lead dreary, tedious lives are willing to analyse every step you take during today.

That's why you should watch who you hang out with, if you don't want your partner to hear that you're walking around with someone else, thus awakening that nasty jealousy.

You're the ones to know how much you've got to hide, because your skies don't give too much intel on what's going on within your heart.

Besides, the gossip is highly likely to come from someone close you love very much, who is just a beast under a layer of soft, warm sheepskin.


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Mercury has a negative influence over your finances, like a finishing blow before the month is over.

To be more specific, there'll be trouble when you try to seal a deal, and whatever affair you've got going on might break even before you've made your final arrangements.

The worst thing is, you won't be able to do anything to make things right. You're practically left to let it happen and find new solutions to get the riches you're being kept away from.

Don't think you're a loser, because this is no defeat. In fact, you should embrace it and be composed about it.

Work hard to do your best on everything that's coming your way, because the world isn't over, and you still have plenty of potential to exploit and develop.


You've got many ideas in mind this Wednesday to improve your physical shape.

But deep inside, you'd rather do things the quick way, going under the knife of a medical expert, instead of slowly working to get your goal.

Do you really think it's worth it to have an aggressive treatment to see yourselves on the mirror under a different light?

You should work on your patience. You'll need it to sign up at a gym and go there on a daily basis, to see results gradually coming together.

In that case, watching your diet will be a must. Not to lose weight, but to eat according to the energy expense you're going for every day.