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In love, the moon will exalt the atmosphere within the hearts, thus making some new adventures or new encounters happen, which will be filled with chemistry and unrivaled passion.

Obviously, this could cause issues for those who are married or in a relationship; you’ll have a strong desire to have a one night stand, and many might succumb to this temptation.

Try to be judicious in your actions and don’t make up cheap excuses such as saying you didn’t know what you were getting yourself into or that for a moment you forgot the ring on your finger.

Paradoxically, the moon will also give you a great desire to have more children, making all Pisces long for a larger family, to raise them, transmit your knowledge and give them love.

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The rush you have to do your work as fast as you can, and in your own way, taking the shortest path, will make you lose your manners, and arrogance could take over you, Taurus.

You’ll need a big slice of humble pie, for someone to put you in your place, or for your project to culminate in an epic fail. Only then will you learn from your mistakes, and you really need this.

If you’re in charge of staff, try not to be a tyrant and divide tasks fairly, as you want to preserve your employees’ loyalty. Don’t ask for more than they can offer.


The astral atmosphere will be dense, difficult and rather hectic. If you could, you’d rent a boat to flee to the other end of the world!

In spite of this, luck will be on your side, as the noblest aspects of Jupiter will give you energy and patience in equal amounts.

If you practice water sportsyou’ll notice even more the stars’ impact on your wellbeing.

If this isn’t your case, stop for a moment and think: why shouldn’t you go for a swim, or go for a ride in a submarine which will allow you to admire the beauty of the marine flora and fauna?