Magical Horoscope 7
Magical Horoscope 7 | Daily Horoscope



Sometimes you feel like being in a relationship makes you lose your identity, which belongs exclusively to you.

You feel that your personalities, likes and habits come together and become a single big team.

In order to avoid things from going wrong or awkward, the Magic Horoscope encourages you and your life partner to avoid losing your individuality and uniqueness.

If each of you is part of that team, it's because you're incredibly worthy on your own terms. That's precisely why those values, those virtues and also charming flaws should not disappear.

What's more, the ideal thing is for them to feel boosted, empowered, and to find quality free time to enjoy on your own.


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At a first glance, today is a financially stable day, until the point of even seeming boring.

Money won't flow too strongly through your hands, although there's not important expenses or a profit loss coming (which is not that bad either).

As a practical exercise to cheer yourselves up, write down your most immediate projects on a list and put them somewhere around your desk you can see them. That way, you'll feel more motivated to reaching those goals.

If you're spending a few days out of home, ask a friend to go there every now and then to make sure that everything's where it should be.

There shouldn't be anything going wrong, but that way, thieves that might be lurking around will feel like the house is still a home, and then they won't feel like acting up.


We live in a time when we're ruled by marketing techniques, and they seriously affect the way we perceive health and wellness.

Especially because once in a while there's new foods (and also some of them known as "superfoods") that seem almost magic and miraculous.

This could make you prone to taking out traditional, much-needed items off your shopping list, ranging from cow's milk to Swiss chard or leek.

Don't trust food fads, and go back to the traditional recipes your parents and grandparents loved and trusted.