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Does your relationship seem to be going calmly and smoothly? That’s only on the surface if you dig a little under the idyllic mask, even the song of a bird could destabilize things.

Not to mention mood swings and unpredictable reactions around you, there’ll be things that’ll make you uncomfortable everywhere, and which won’t promote dialogue with your partner.

Everything has a solution, but just in case, try not to add insult to injury, things are already tricky as it is, there’s no need to make them worse.

If you’re single, you might get smitten during a trip, or perhaps with someone who lives nearby but hails from another city or country.

Carried away by desire, you could forget your usual caution and live the moment without worrying about the consequences.

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The motivation and energy that inspired you during July, which is coming to an end today, will bring you long-lasting professional satisfaction.

You’ve been sowing for a while, Taurus, and finally, the time to reap the rewards has arrived, to close the deals you’ve been working on, or to start in a new position of more responsibility. Anything can happen!

Everything will be well with your domestic finances. Harmony will reign and you’ll do everything in your power to keep it this way.


Some health problems will have a central place in your sky. Have the courage to face them head on and solve them once and for all.

Perhaps you’re not convinced of the diagnosis your doctor’s given you, and if this is the case, you could go with a different one for a second opinion, or asking them to do the tests again.

In love, the Magic Horoscope has told you that you might be a bit crazy, living in the moment regardless of the consequences.

This will be good so long as you always use protection when you’re having sex.You’ll be protecting your health and that of the other party.