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You’ll start the day by making good resolutions; this Sunday you’ll want to tidy up your emotional garden, remove the weeds of doubt and boredom, and water the most beautiful flowers to help them grow.

It’s essential that you clear up all misunderstandings once and for all, so peace can finally reign.

It sounds idyllic, and it will be, if you achieve it, but you know it’s easier said than done.

Fortunately, the affluence of Venus will give you the push you need to ensure your relationship is bright and healthy, and worthy of praise.

If you’re single, delightful surprises await you; your smile is your best asset for seduction, closely followed by your sense of humour. Don’t forget to smile!

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You need to be careful with the banknotes you’re given, there’s lots of counterfeit currency around, and you might wind up with some of it in your wallet.

Be alert every time you’re given change, and don’t use big banknotes, try to use your credit card instead!

Unfortunately, money counterfeiting is one of the oldest crimes on earth, and we must all fight against it.

At work, Saturn forecasts a day of professional achievement through both luck and effort.

And you’ll immediately start a consolidation phase for your work and organisation skills.


Try to be physically active, you’ll need to blow off some steam.

Nothing like a couple of laps in the pool or the sea, or a tennis match to help you relax and clear your head.

And don’t overthink things so much, it’s not good for you; if you try to control every family matter, you’ll waste a lot of energy.

Also, trying to impose your ways is useless: you’ll only annoy your relatives, who are doing just fine without your (unwanted) advice.