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Love will be highly present in your life, but not the kind of love you feel for a partner. Instead, we're talking about the everyday forms of love we express to our friends and family, whether it be our blood family or our chosen one.

Thus, this Monday you'll get a nice surprise when you hear from an old-time friend you completely lost touch from, whether it be because of external circumstances (changing homes, moving for work) or a past disagreement (an argument, envy...).

Your heart will beat and pump again with the excitement of sharing special moments with that person, who's here to stay and forget about all the time you were out of touch from one another.

Learn to enjoy these moments, and learn a lesson from it. It's worth fighting for the people who made us happy in some way in the past.


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You've got plenty of initiative at work, and your mind's a melting pot where a thousand ideas are bubbling up at once.

However, they're still diamonds in the rough. You need to polish them up so that you can put their purest essence into practice.

If you're looking for a job, you need to reinvent the way your CV looks, because you need to make it more attractive and eye-catching.

Only then will you get a human resources manager to look at you, find your potential, and give you that golden ticket to work you're desperately hoping for -and deserve-.


Your energy will be powerful and you'll be able to see life from a quite positive point of view, almost as if everything was sparkly pink.

You'll have the gift of bringing pops of colour to everything that looks grey or even dark, not just into your inner world.

You'll be the light that helps other people shine, to find the solution to their problems, and that'll fill you with happiness and rejoice.

This doesn't mean, however, that your health will be excellent, and you might get an occasional headache here and there; but it's nothing that won't work itself out, and you probably won't even need medications.