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Why do you buy your own lies sometimes, Taureans?

Today, the influence of several planets upon your personality will make you put on a victim's mask, and you'll act like someone who tries to do good things for others, but can't always succeed.

You know that that's pretty exaggerate, because you're not that devoted, or at least, not to the extent that you claim to be doing.

In this sense, your partner won't feel like hearing your complaints, because they're not entirely true, and they might just downright ignore you more than once.

You should know that they will do this as a defense system, just to avoid raising their voice and arguing with you.

If you're single, chats with a romantic interest won't have many chances to progress this Friday, although that won't be much distressing to you anyway.

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Anything could happen today. In a matter of seconds, your life could take a dramatic turn towards stability or a complete breakdown.

The financial hits on Taurean skies are toxic, and even though it's hard to identify what the stars predict, try not to run unnecessary risks.

The best choice is to go by unnoticed, and leave consumerism aside for another day. Don't listen to that lurking demon who encourages you to open up your wallet and splash the cash.


Some light sleepiness is clinging on to you today. You'll experience both physical and mental exhaustion.

You won't be too awake, because your reflexes will be slow and you won't be listening much either.

That's a real risk in certain actions such as driving, especially if you work as a taxi or public transport driver.

Coffee and energy drinks aren't the solution (especially in the case of regular energy drinks, because they have more sugar than you're supposed to take in).

Didn't you consider that it might be time to change mattresses to have a better sleep at night?