Taurus Daily Horoscope for June 4

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Your charm today could be classed as legendary, from the second you open your eyes you will exude charisma.

The happiness that emanates from you could reverberate on the people you run into (unless they’re veritable ogres; there’s nothing to be done about those, so you’d best steer clear).

In terms of love, your light, Taurus, will illuminate your partner and you will be entirely focused on making them happy, doing a triple backflip if need be, just to see them smile.

Thus, you’ll also satisfy your partner’s desires, with the innocence of a child and the fire of a volcano. You’ll guess their moods and you’ll use them in your favour.

If you’re single, your seduction skills will be enhanced, although your goal might be to change: you’ll have your eye on someone powerful, and unobtainable… Or, are they?

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Your congeniality and good mood are on the schedule for today! And they’ll be the best keys to open doors behind which the money is hidden.

Therefore, Taurus, don’t miss out on the opportunity to make new professional contacts, as you can both mutually benefit from each other’s wisdom.

Communication will be at the heart of your problems: perhaps at times you’ll feel you don’t speak the same language as the other party, as the interests, they show differ radically from yours.

Don’t lose sight of your personal belongings when out in big crowds, there’s always pickpockets waiting around to put their hand in your bag and nick your wallet!


You’re determined to improve your physical shape, and the environment will be very favourable for this, so long as you take some factors into account which could stop you from progressing.

Be patient if you only started the diet a few days ago, you can’t expect immediate results. Same thing if you’re waiting for your arms and legs to get toned overnight.

Take better care of your skin, and if you have spots don’t even think about popping them, it could make things much worse.