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Venus will make sure your love ambiance is good if you leave roughness stored away in a safe box and use nothing but softness, tenderness and gentleness.

You might think it could be counterproductive to be more cuddly than usual, that you could look like someone soft and frail, but it doesn't have to be the case. Break your own prejudice apart!

In fact, it's through these small things that your week will get stronger, especially if we're talking about long-lasting romances.

Right now, you're desperately looking for some stability and safety in your relationships. You're not willing to play with fire or look for adventures that make you feel more alive.

If you're single, all this atmosphere will make you want to seduce others while still keeping your feet on the ground, because you're not ready to have your heart kicked around.

Keep moving at your own pace and step, because if love has to come, it'll come anyway.


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Financial empowerment, doing things alone all by yourselves and being your own boss will bring you some juicy satisfaction this Monday.

You'll know how to delegate tasks, your command skills will be exquisite, and you'll know how to plant richness seeds in a subtle way.

It would still be okay if you did it loud and proud, but elegance might make other doors open up for you in the future.

You need to project a sense of balance between confidence and volatility, so that people see you're a human being, not a heartless machine which does everything to perfection.


Are you thinking about retouching your body in some way, perhaps because you want a makeover or because you want to correct your currently deviated nasal septum?

Today, you might want to consider going on a health tourism trip, and take a chance to know another city (or country) better while improving your health.

However, in case you want to go across borders, make sure you know the language right in case you're not fully convinced about something.

Or if you wanted to change your mind last-minute, perhaps because you're scared of going under the knife.