Taurus Magic Horoscope 5
Taurus Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


You’re delighted to note that your general wellbeing is partly due to the amazing complicity you have with your partner. You dance to the same tune, and no matter what you do, you’re guaranteed to have a good laugh.

Your romance will rekindle with very little effort; and you’ll also be a fiery Taurus, who can heat things up easily.

If you’re single, your love life is energized, but you’ll see that with the arrival of the weekend, there will be lots of unexpected circumstances.

Analyze carefully the new people in your life, perhaps one of them will become your new love, rather sooner than later. That being filled with light who will teach you to spread your wings and fly on happily. Make the most of the opportunities that arise in your love life.

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Good news for Taurus: the stars signal to a big surprise in your financial life. There’s some money waiting for you.

You’ll see that you’re better at your job than you thought. Your efforts and tenacity during training were worthwhile and will be rewarded.

The fruits of some of your investments will encourage you to take a massive leap towards success: they’ll be the perfect fuel that your inner engine needs.

The signing of contracts will be efficient and positive, and investments and new roles will be in the cards for today. However, try to be diplomatic in your approach, especially with those who are very good at pushing your buttons.


You’ll approach the area of health full of doubts. You see so many things on the news, and depending on the source, the same food can be crucial for your wellbeing, or something which should be avoided at all costs, almost as if it were poison.

To avoid getting the wrong idea, go see your GP and ask them all the questions you need. Shed light on the matter.

Try not to strain your eyes too much today, especially if you work in front of a computer. And don’t forget your glasses, if you need them.