Taurus Daily Horoscope for September 4

Your Horoscope for Wednesday
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The stars make you jealous and possessive, and you see your partner as your personal property, and your relationship as something you’ve purchased. You couldn’t be more wrong!

You’ll have to keep making an effort and trying to make your other half happy if you don’t want to see them go out the door and never return. Don’t leave clothes lying around, keep your bathroom clean, and try to keep the peace at home.

If you’re single, don’t be too critical of the person you’re seeing, and learn to forgive if they make a mistake. Give them the benefit of the doubt and move forward.

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At work, heated arguments will tarnish your image, so control your temper. You’re tired of conflict, but your opinion can get you into trouble. It won’t be an easy Wednesday.

At least things will unfold on their own, without you having to make too much of an effort: you’ll stick to your budget quite well, and you’ll want for nothing (but you’ll have to deprive yourself of whims and trivialities).

You’ll be strongly tempted to take what isn’t yours through misappropriation, but don’t fall into the trap, it will bring nothing but bad things into your life. Always be straightforward, honest, and law-abiding. This is non-negotiable, Taurus.


Your health programme isn’t clearly defined, and before you rush into doing diets found in magazines, take some time to prepare yourself first. Ask yourself what you’re looking for in life, why you’re doing it, and this it is for yourself or for somebody else. What do you hope to achieve, could you answer this?

Depending on what your answer is, you can design a workout program and a diet tailored to achieve your specific goal (it’s not the same to have a toned body than to want to lose weight, for example) and complement it with a clear action plan which adjusts to your schedule and budget.

Fundamental: make sure you’re doing it for yourself and not to be liked by someone else.