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The context of this beginning of the week favours emotional challenges and problems. The sky gives you the green light for all your most honest desires in terms of love, those which are legitimate.

As a single Taurus, you’ll be very self-confident and you’ll want to go out and conquer, to use your energy constructively.

You know how destiny works in mysterious ways, you might end up having an interesting conversation with someone with whom you’ve got many common acquaintances. This is a good way to start a passionate relationship!

If you’re in a relationship, keep up the efforts to achieve your emotional desires. You’re more determined than ever to take a step forward, which could be, for example, proposing to your partner. What’s stopping you? All you need is a ring, and that’s just pure symbolism!

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You’ll start off with the wrong foot in your money area. There’ll be plenty of red flags telling you you’re looking for benefits in the wrong place, that you must look somewhere else.

You’ve put a lot of effort and interest on your current project, and admitting that you haven’t done everything you should have, or that you’ve made the wrong choices will make you feel as if you had a knot in your stomach.

Your emotional intelligence will allow you to rise from the ashes professionally, you’ll make an inventory of all the ideas you still have in your head and you’ll find a way to make them come true, you’ll get ahead of potential future mistakes through actions that will mitigate andy kind of problematic process.


Don’t focus all of your efforts on your job, as sometimes you’re a borderline workaholic, Taurus, and that’s not healthy, all addictions are bad!

You’ll complain that you’re too busy, and this will be your excuse to skip simple things like calling a friend back, having lunch with a loved one or reading a book that you like and which you have been putting off since your birthday, which was quite a while back.

The more entangled you become in your daily worries, the less attention you pay to your needs and those of others.

Guard yourself against exhaustion through a rewarding hobby or a spiritual trip, and don’t forget to enjoy even the smallest details in life.